Version 6.01

EDIUS 6 Readme

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  1. License Agreement
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  1. Revision dates
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Version 6.00 ( Release: 9/3/2010)

      • First release.

Version 6.01 ( Release: 10/28/2010)

        [Fixed issues]
      • Fixed issue of loading clip created with EDIUS.
      • Fixed issue of partial transfer.
      • Fixed issue of EDIUS not responding when opening chrominance setting dialog while playing clip to which multiple chrominances are applied.
      • Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when AAF output is performed in certain clips.
      • Fixed issue of VA track not working with V track when strip trim is performed.
      • Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when MPEG2 clip is partially transferred again while performing partial transfer.
      • Fixed issue of P2 clip not being transferred.
      • Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when using dissolve in progressive project.
      • Fixed issue of audio of clip not being played properly when the clip is shot with some cameras.
      • Fixed issue of exported P2 Clip not being played in Avid Media Composer 5.

  1. Registered trademarks and trademarks
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